About Us

Impact 100 East Bay’s mission is to unite women in our community in a common cause. Our goal is to collectively raise funds to support the unmet needs in the Contra Costa and Alameda counties in East Bay, CA, as well as raise the profile of deserving but lesser-known organizations. Together we will provide large, transformational grants each year to local non-profits.

What is Impact 100?

Impact 100 started in Ohio in 2001. There are now more than 20 organizations located in the US and Australia.
These volunteer organizations focus on:

  • Increasing participation among women in local philanthropy
  • Raising awareness of the unmet needs of nonprofits in their communities
  • Inspiring members to become more involved with local charities, and
  • Making a substantial and lasting impact on the long-term sustainability of their nonprofit communities.

How does it work?

Impact 100 is about the power of collective decision-making and collective grant-making. As a grant-making organization, Impact 100 East Bay will bring together women in our community to do something truly remarkable: give a gift of $100,000 to an organization(s) in East Bay that has a big idea and great potential, but little access to large-scale funds.

  • Non-profits apply to receive the grant(s).  After review and presentations, the Impact 100 members vote (one woman, one vote) to select the winner(s).  You are directly involved where your donation goes, what it will be used for, and hear the results/impact it has made.
  • By bringing together 100 or more women who make an annual donation of $1,000 each, we will be able to make a much greater impact on the future of our community than if we each gave on our own.

Want to learn more?

Please contact us at info@impact100eastbay.org to learn how you can get involved today!