Letter From the President – Sep 2020

impact100eastbay women empowerment

September is Our Month to Rise and Lift Others!

With 2020’s unparalleled challenges, charitable nonprofits in Alameda and Contra Costa counties are facing increased need and reduced funds while having to reevaluate their approach to serving their communities.  We’ve recently heard from two of our previous grant recipients.  Both organizations emphatically stated that the support they received from Impact100 East Bay has enabled them to step up to meet current demands.  These first-hand reports validate the importance of our collective contributions.

Our fourth grant cycle culminates at the end of this month.  Both finalists have proposed projects that are more than deserving of this year’s grant of $109,000.  Virtual voting is currently underway.

Before voting, please take the time to review the presentations that Covenant House and Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center made during our Meet the Finalist event and read their Executive Summaries. Choosing between these two worthy projects will be tough.  Remember, voting closes at midnight on Monday, September 28th.  Members’ votes will then be tabulated to determine this year’s grant recipient.  Plan on joining us on September 30th at the virtual Grant Celebration when we will award our 2020 grant.

Imagine the possibilities.  With sufficient funds, Impact100 East Bay could support more than one upstanding nonprofit each year.  Let’s combine efforts with the intention of growing our membership and expanding our reach.  Membership enrollment for 2021 has launched.  Increasing our impact is at stake.  Are you ready to join or renew?  You’ll find the link under the Membership section of this newsletter.

I am excited about seeing all of you on September 30th when we celebrate our finalists.  If you haven’t yet registered, please do so by registering via the link under Events. The celebration won’t be the same without you!

Yours in compassion and collaboration,
Carol Nitz
Board President
Impact100 East Bay

Our Grants Have An Impact

Results Matter – Our Grants Have An Impact

A snapshot of the last two years of grant recipients –From dreams to reality.

Opportunity Junction (our 2018 grant recipient) was recently acknowledged as being among the top 10 Poverty-Fighting Nonprofits in the World!  Opportunity Junction (OJ) helps people build more financially secure futures through education, financial assistance, wrap-around support and job placement. Impact100 East Bay’s grant funded the Roadmap to College Program, which specifically focused on low income, at-risk youth ages 18-24. To implement this program, OJ hired an additional counselor responsible for providing skills guidance and emotional support, while helping young people identify a passion and chart an achievable path. The program also provided $38,355 in direct financial assistance to its participants.  OJ set its goal of enrolling 50-75 young adults each year of the two-year grant period.

The Results:  

  • 92 participating youth enrolled in job training programs.
  • 70 participating youth were placed into full or part-time employment and received an average wage of $14.33 per hour.
  • On average, participating youth worked 30 hours per week.

Unexpected Outcomes:

  • It became clear that most of the participants in the Roadmap to College program were struggling to survive and needed immediate income or a short-term training path to viable employment, especially during the pandemic.
  • Adapting to this expanding reality, OJ has refocused its efforts on training and job placement by offering the following key services aimed at assisting clients in obtaining and keeping sustainable employment.  Those services include 1. Career counseling, 2. College counseling focused on Career Technical Education certificates, and 3. Access to short-term job training. 

CASA (our 2019 grant recipient) recognized that traumatized children in the foster care system need therapy and that the existing service delivery model wasn’t working. Its grant funded project involves recruiting therapists to provide pro-bono teletherapy to one child for an indefinite period solved the issue of months long wait times and the disruption of a trusted relationship with every move to a new foster home.  The goal was to serve 25 youth over 18 months.

The Results:  

  • 60 licensed mental health professionals have expressed interest in serving these foster children.
  • 19 youth have been served with at least one session in the first 10 months.
  • Wait time for therapy services has been eliminated because intake, assessment and treatment are all online.

Unexpected outcomes:

  • The program continued to offer services during the pandemic. 
  • CASA is projecting it will serve about 50 youth in 18 months, which is double the original goal.
  • The program will be expanding to San Francisco & Alameda counties and ultimately statewide.
  • In summary, the project has been a huge success and uses a model that is easily replicated.

Impact 100 East Bay to award more than $100,000

Two East Bay non-profits vie for $100,000 Grant

Danville, CA – Impact 100 East Bay, a non-profit dedicated to raising funds to support unmet needs in Alameda and Contra Costa County, is on the verge of awarding a grant of more than $100,000 to one of two non-profit organizations seeking to expand.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020 – 6:00 – 7:30 PM. Members and guests are invited to our virtual Meet the Finalists event. This is an opportunity to learn about two East Bay non-profits, their missions and the projects they hope to fund. Impact 100 East Bay will also demonstrate its new virtual voting technology. The Meet the Finalists event features two East Bay non-profits:

Covenant House – a non-profit youth homeless shelter that provides sanctuary and support for homeless and trafficked youth, ages 18-24. Covenant House seeks to fund the first robust mental health program for youth facing homelessness in the East Bay.

Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center – helps individuals and businesses achieve personal, financial, and social transformation through the power of small business. Renaissance seeks to launch a new level of service that will help 150 lower-income individuals and their families achieve economic security.

Members and their Guests may register here

“During the COVID-19 pandemic Impact 100 gave micro-grants to nine non-profit organizations in the East Bay doing exceptional work in the community. This year, for the first time, Impact 100 Members will vote virtually to award a grant of more than $100,000. This event is the centerpiece of our 2020 programs,” said Carol Nitz, President of Impact 100 East Bay.

Wednesday, September 30th – 6:00 – 7:00 PM. Impact 100 will announce the winner at its premiere annual event. Our virtual 2020 Grant Celebration occurs on September 30th. when we announce and celebrate our newest grant recipient. Members and guests may register for the event at this link:

Impact 100 East Bay’s mission is to unite women in our community to make a significant difference in the lives of those in need. Our goal is to collectively raise funds to support unmet charity needs in Contra Costa and Alameda counties and raise awareness for deserving organizations. 

For More Information, Contact Judy B. Lloyd | 925-989-0100 | judy@altamontstrategies.com

Impact 100 East Bay Sponsors Antibody Testing For Opportunity Junction

impact100 Eastbay partners with cambiati wellness Covid testing with opportunity junction


August 24, 2020 – Impact 100 East Bay, a philanthropic group of women making an impact in Contra Costa and Alameda Counties, is sponsoring antibody testing on Thursday, August 27, 2020, for employees of Opportunity Junction, a local non-profit that received an impact grant of $100,000 from Impact 100 East Bay in 2018.

WHO: Impact 100 East Bay & Opportunity Junction
WHAT: Antibody testing, courtesy of Cambiati Wellness, sponsored by Impact 100 East Bay
WHERE: Cambiati Wellness, 3446 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Lafayette, CA 94549
WHEN: Thursday, August 27th – 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM

impact100 Eastbay cambiati covid testing with opportunity junction 1



Impact 100 East Bay has awarded more than $300,000 to non-profits, including Opportunity Junction, CASA, and Misssey, to support those most in need through job training, mentoring, and support services to low-income residents and foster youth and sexually-exploited youth in Contra Costa and Alameda Counties.

Earlier in 2020, the organization went a step further in providing micro-grants to help nine local non-profits serving the community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Impact 100 is partnering with Cambiati Wellness to provide antibody tests for Opportunity Junction staff to extend our reach in the community,” said Rebecca Walker, an Impact 100 Board Member who serves as the Managing Partner of Cambiati Wellness. “With State and County tests experiencing lag times in receiving test results back, we felt it was important to fill the gap in services.”

 View a Video about Cambiati Wellness and the SARS – CoV2 antibody test here.


The SARS – CoV2 antibody test is a new technological advancement. It is highly accurate, with 98.36% specificity and 97.14% sensitivity and determines symptoms and recovery from COVID-19. Cambiati Wellness hopes to make this test available to everyone who needs it.


Cambiati Wellness educates and supports companies and individuals on their journey to better health by using food, vitamins and herbs therapeutically, along with advanced medical nutrition testing, and tailored lifestyle changes. Learn more here.

Contact: Judy Lloyd | 925-989-0100 | judy@altamontstrategies.com

Membership Scholarships Available

Since its inception, Impact100 East Bay has offered a limited number of scholarships to potential members who are interested in joining but are unable to make the financial commitment of $1000. We look for scholarship candidates who’ve expressed a keen interest in the organization, are prepared to assume active roles on committees, and are interested in ongoing membership. Requests for scholarships are submitted to, approved and managed by the Board.

The amount available for scholarships varies from year to year. Funds are sourced from our member’s additional donations and specific sponsor dollars donated via Friends of Impact. For the 2020 membership/2021 grant year, the Board has approved a minimum of $2500 for scholarships.

impact100eastbay membership scholarship

We currently offer two types of scholarships:

  • Member Matching Scholarships offered under the Diana Del Masso Scholarship Fund.
    Using this model, the scholarship recipient contributes $500. Impact100 East Bay matches the balance. In the following year, the scholarship recipient pays the full $1000.
  • Young Philanthropist Scholarship intended for candidates aged 18-39. Under this model, the scholarship recipient contributes $350; $500; $650 over a 3-year period. Impact100 East Bay matches the balance. In the fourth year, the member pays the full $1000.
If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, review the Scholarship Application details available here. Return your completed form by email to membership@impact100eastbay.org and a member of the Board will be in touch with you.

Changes to the 2021 Grant Process

By bringing compassionate women together, Impact100 East Bay annually awards grants that are large enough to have a transformative impact for qualified non-profits in Alameda and Contra Costa County. The Board of Impact100 East Bay takes pride in the integrity of our rigorous grant process and in the care of our members’ donations each year.

When forming our chapter in late 2016, we used examples from other Impact100 chapters to guide our process and procedures. Since then, we have fine-tuned various components of our operation. In 2019, we were provided a two-year data set gathered from over 35 of the 55+ chapters on their management of the grant process. Also a number of our own members have voiced a desire to distribute grant money above $100,000 to additional finalists. Beginning in December of 2019, the Board began discussions to determine if we wanted to make changes in our grant process.

In the ensuing months, the Board finalized two linked decisions that will impact our grant process, beginning in 2021:

  • Shifting our membership timeline from January 1 to December 31 of any year will allow us to begin the following grant year with full knowledge of how many members we have and how much money we have to grant.
    • As previously noted, this change required a shortened membership year in 2020 running from June to December.
  • Changing the grant process to award up to $120,000 for the main Impact Grant.  At $121,000 and above, we will additionally award a smaller “Community” Grant to the non-profit with the second greatest number of member votes to 1) jumpstart the project submitted for the Impact Grant or 2) provide funding for a smaller but still impactful project that is submitted. Increasing our membership will provide the funds needed to award additional grants.
types of grants

The implementation of changes to the grant process will be made to accept a secondary proposal during the Grant Application period.  But all proposals for a grant will still:

  • Go through a 4-step process (Letter of Intent (LOI), Grant Application, Site Visit, Member Vote).
  • Be vetted by the volunteer members of the Grant Committee, including a financial review.
  • Be awarded through vote of all members for the given year.
  • Be managed by contract. 
  • Be monitored on a regular basis during the contract period.

Finalists who receive neither the Impact nor Community Grant, when available, will be given an Appreciation Donation from the Chapter’s operating funds. The Board will determine that amount each year, based on operating fund availability.

Opportunity Junction Final Report

impact100eastbay opportunity junction

The Grant Award Recipient from 2018, Opportunity Junction, submitted its final report on July 29, 2020.   

Over the course of this grant, Opportunity Junction enrolled a total of 92 youth in core employment programs. Of the youth served, 57 enrolled in short-term training:

  • 21 at Los Medanos College, 
  • 13 into Administrative Careers Training at Opportunity Junction, and 
  • 24 into our Healthcare Career Pathway Certified Nursing Assistant training.

The remaining 34 wanted immediate employment and were provided career counseling and placement assistance. All Road Map participants qualified as low income. Youth who enrolled during the grant period struggled with barriers that impacted their ability to succeed in school or in the workforce:

  • 39% Experienced Trauma
  • 21% have a Disability
  • 90% have Skills Deficiency
  • 5% Justice System Involvement
  • 4% Foster Care System Involvement

In terms of accessing resources and support, during the grant period, Opportunity Junction provided $38,355.32 in direct participant supports to youth clients.   The three highest needs were books and supplies ($13,595), COVID financial assistance ($9,866), and transportation ($8,442).

During the term of this grant, Opportunity Junction staff placed 70 youth in jobs that earned an average wage of $14.33 per hour for an average of 30 hours per week. These placements spanned all Opportunity Junction programs:

  • 8 graduates of the Administrative Careers Training Program, earning an average wage of $16.10 per hour and working an average of 31 hours per week.
  • 17 trainees and graduates from the Healthcare Career Pathways program, earning an average wage of $16.19 per hour and working 35 hours per week.
  • 32 placements made by specialized Road Map youth counselors, earning an average wage of $13.38 per hour and working an average of 28 hours per week. Many of these youth were working part time while in school at Los Medanos College.
  • 13 additional placements of youth seeking immediate employment from our career counselors in Antioch and Bay Point, earning an average of $13.14 per hour and working an average of 28 hours per week.

The Impact100 East Bay Grant had a substantial positive impact both on the young adults served and also on the Opportunity Junction organization and program development. While placing 70 young people into employment, we also learned about their challenges of staying in school while struggling financially. While each of our youth had set a goal for completing a college program and then launching a career, the bandwidth consumed by surviving often interfered with that goal.  As a result, Opportunity Junction made significant programmatic changes in helping find employment, which ultimately changed the overall goals for the Road Map project.  

You can review the entire final report HERE

Letter From the President – Aug 2020

impact100eastbay women empowerment

Later this month, we will mark the centennial anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote.  This pivotal moment in American history was driven by women-led activism.

Celebrate the suffragettes’ tireless efforts by joining Impact100 Council’s EqualiTea on August 26 at 1:00 pm PDT RSVP Here.  The Council will host this event in partnership with S’Well and local Girl Scout Councils.

Check out the EqualiTea link for additional resources listed under the headings LEARN and ACT Click HereLEARN will direct you to a list of pertinent “Good Reads”, including the Suffrage Centennial Book Club as well as top-rated documentaries relating to the suffrage movement.  ACT will suggest activities to help you continue the conversation about women’s activism among your friends, family and colleagues, such as hosting your own virtual tea, book club or watch party.

The power of women coming together to drive change is what spurred Wendy Steele in 2001 when she founded Impact100 and its model of collective philanthropy.  Fifteen years later, Nancy Clark saw that same potential and launched our East Bay chapter.  In both cases, one woman with a vision inspired a movement.  The momentum builds as more women become involved.

This coming September, Impact100 East Bay will award its 2020 grant of $109,000 to one of our deserving finalists.  The power of your vote is at hand.  Don’t miss Meet the Finalists on September 15 to learn more about our finalists and the deserving projects they are proposing.  And Zoom in on September 30 for the Grant Award Celebration when members’ votes will be tabulated to determine this year’s grant recipient.

By voting, we honor the efforts of the empowered women who’ve come before us.  In September, I will be casting my vote for this year’s grant recipient and urge you to do the same.

May our collective empowerment and engagement continue,

Carol Nitz

Impact100 East Bay, Board President

July Press Release

impact100eastbay success

“Coming together is a beginning.  Keeping together is progress.  Working together is success.” – Henry Ford

Just four years ago we came together as an Impact100 chapter.  We’ve kept together and now anticipate awarding our fourth impactful grant.  By the end of September, we will have given a total of more than $350,000 in grants to four worthy East Bay non-profits. That’s a remarkable accomplishment and is testament to our members staying engaged and stepping up when help is needed most.

Awarding an annual grant of over $100,000 is an impressive feat.  And yet, we can aim even higher.  During these times of great need, we could position ourselves to do more for East Bay non-profits and the communities they serve.  To do this, our membership base has to grow.

Since 2017, more than 150 nonprofits have submitted a Letter of Intent to us, the first step in our grant process. Grant Committee members will tell you that the hardest and most heartbreaking work they do is winnowing down the number of applicants to match the size of our current membership.  However, our membership numbers have remained flat since 2018.  

Let’s work together, during our fifth anniversary year to increase our membership!  We need your ideas and effort to help us recruit more members.  Start by joining us on July 22 for our second virtual installment of Dreams Come True, featuring our 2018 award recipient, Opportunity Junction.  Additionally, mark your calendars now and gather with friends to join us virtually for Meet the Finalists and the Grant Award Event in September.  

We came together four years ago, united by a shared vision.  Since then, we’ve grown and achieved notable progress toward our goals. We are now poised to pull together to become even more impactful. I’m grateful for what we’ve done and motivated by future possibilities.


Carol Nitz

Board President, Impact 100 East Bay

July Newsletter Membership

Congratulations and Thank YOU! Our 2020 grant award is $109,000, thanks to 109 amazing women!

impact100eastbay 109 happy woman

In 2021 we want to DOUBLE our IMPACT and provide multiple grants. With your support we can make this happen.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Join or Renew your membership: Here
  • Invite 1-2 guests to each of the following Zoom Virtual Events!
    • July 22nd 5-6:00 pm Hear from our 2018 grant recipient Opportunity Junction and the impact your contributions have made to at-risk youth. Dreams Come True – part 2! Click here to join
    • September 15th 6-7:30 pm Meet the Finalists! Listen to our two deserving finalists, ask questions and prepare to vote.
      Click here to join
    • September 30th 6-7:00 pm Annual Grant Celebration. Join the party as we celebrate awarding our 4th grant to a very deserving non-profit! Click here to join

Sample Invitation to use to invite your Friends!

We’ve heard you’d like some ideas on ways to invite them!  Here are a few conversational springboards you might use:

“I want to tell you about Impact100 and why I joined…”

“I think I’ve mentioned Impact100. I would love it if you joined me in registering for this upcoming event.” 

“Impact100 East Bay has done some wonderful things to help our community. Come hear how our contributions have made a difference.”

“Our events are being done through Zoom, so it’s as easy as registering and clicking on the link to attend!”

You don’t need to be an expert – because the event will provide a lot of the story and Impact from our previous grant recipients! 

Thank you in advance for helping us GROW our IMPACT!

ACTION Needed! Take the Member Survey

Members – Provide your insight and suggestions to help shape Impact100 East Bay’s continued evolution!  

The link below will take you to a member survey. If you have not used Survey Monkey previously, simply highlight the link, right click and choose “open link”. 

Once you have completed the survey, click “Done”. Your responses will be saved. The survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete. Thank you!