By bringing compassionate women together, Impact100 East Bay annually awards grants that are large enough to have a transformative impact for qualified non-profits in Alameda and Contra Costa County. The Board of Impact100 East Bay takes pride in the integrity of our rigorous grant process and in the care of our members’ donations each year.

When forming our chapter in late 2016, we used examples from other Impact100 chapters to guide our process and procedures. Since then, we have fine-tuned various components of our operation. In 2019, we were provided a two-year data set gathered from over 35 of the 55+ chapters on their management of the grant process. Also a number of our own members have voiced a desire to distribute grant money above $100,000 to additional finalists. Beginning in December of 2019, the Board began discussions to determine if we wanted to make changes in our grant process.

In the ensuing months, the Board finalized two linked decisions that will impact our grant process, beginning in 2021:

  • Shifting our membership timeline from January 1 to December 31 of any year will allow us to begin the following grant year with full knowledge of how many members we have and how much money we have to grant.
    • As previously noted, this change required a shortened membership year in 2020 running from June to December.
  • Changing the grant process to award up to $120,000 for the main Impact Grant.  At $121,000 and above, we will additionally award a smaller “Community” Grant to the non-profit with the second greatest number of member votes to 1) jumpstart the project submitted for the Impact Grant or 2) provide funding for a smaller but still impactful project that is submitted. Increasing our membership will provide the funds needed to award additional grants.
types of grants

The implementation of changes to the grant process will be made to accept a secondary proposal during the Grant Application period.  But all proposals for a grant will still:

  • Go through a 4-step process (Letter of Intent (LOI), Grant Application, Site Visit, Member Vote).
  • Be vetted by the volunteer members of the Grant Committee, including a financial review.
  • Be awarded through vote of all members for the given year.
  • Be managed by contract. 
  • Be monitored on a regular basis during the contract period.

Finalists who receive neither the Impact nor Community Grant, when available, will be given an Appreciation Donation from the Chapter’s operating funds. The Board will determine that amount each year, based on operating fund availability.

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