• Congratulations to Covenant House our 2020 Grant Recipient. Click here for a replay of the Grant Celebration.

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    Grant Information

    The areas in this section will provide you with information about our Grant Process and guide you through the steps and key dates.

    Our Information Sessions have completed for the 2020 cycle.

    Check back in October for the 2021 cycle.



    To JFK University, Pleasant Hill

    A preview of the information we will share can be viewed here.

    Impact 100 East Bay uses a 3-step application process: 1) a Letter of Intent (LOI), 2) a full Grant Application, including financials, and 3) a site visit.

    Members of the Grant Committee will review and evaluate all LOl’s received and invite select agencies to proceed to a full Grant Application. Similarly,Grant Committee members will then review and evaluate the full Grant Applications. determining the semi-finalists who will receive a site visit.

    Applicants who are selected for a site visit will work with a Grant Committee liaison to schedule a convenient date and time for a group of members to visit their site. Site visit guidelines will be distributed in advance of the visit.

    Following these visits, finalists will be selected by the Grant Committee and endorsed by the Board of Directors. Finalists will have several weeks to confirm an Executive Summary prepared by the Grant Committee and prepare a brief oral presentation, following guidelines to be distributed at the time.

    After reviewing the Executive Summaries and listening to all finalist presentations at the annual Award Gala. all members will vote by individual. anonymous ballot. This vote will determine the grant recipient(s).

    Important Dates and Deadlines for 2019

    March: Non-Profit Information Sessions

    October 17, Thursday, 1:30 – 3.00 PM
    Room 224, John F Kennedy University
    100 Ellinwood Way, Pleasant Hill CA

    October 21, 2019, Monday, 1:30 – 3.00 PM
    Oakland Public Library – Rockridge Branch
    Upstairs Community Room
    5366 College Avenue, Oakland CA.

    December 5, 2019, Thursday: Added Information Session at JFK University, Pleasant Hill.

    January 31, 2020, Friday: Letter of Intent Due

    March 2, 2020, Monday: Selected Applicants Invited to Submit a Grant Application

    Thursday, June 6: Minimum Grant Amount Announced

    March 27, 2020, Friday: Grant Application Due

    April 28, 2020, Tuesday: Semi-Finalists Notified

    April 30 – May 15, 2020: Site Visits Conducted with Semi-Finalists

    TBD*, 2020: Final Presentations & Membership Voting at Award Gala

    *=specific dates and location available by February 1

    Applicants must:

    • Be recognized as tax-exempt under Section 501 (c) (3) of the IRS code;
    • Be located in, expend funds, and serve residents of Alameda and/or Contra Costa counties;
    • Maintain proper financial health;
    • Demonstrate organizational strength;
    • Identify a new initiative or expansion of an existing initiative or a new or expanded collaborative effort of several non-profits, that:
      • fits one of our focus areas;
      • targets a defined population;
      • for a defined duration;
      • with defined, measurable goals;
      • benefits the counties of Alameda or Contra Costa;
      • will use the full grant amount;
      • has a plan for sustainability;
      • drives a high-impact, transformational outcome.
    • Expend funds within 24 months of the initial grant installment;
    • Agree to provide interim progress reports and a final report to a designee of Impact 100 East Bay; and
    • Be free of legal actions declared, including current or pending conflicts.

    Impact 100 East Bay will not provide grants for:

    • General operating expenses or overhead (note: operating funds may be requested if applicable to a new initiative to be funded by Impact 100 East Bay);
    • General construction or renovation;
    • General capital campaigns that are unrelated to the specific program/project/initiative;
    • General advertising;
    • Debt reduction, operating deficits, interim/bridge financing, or endowment funding;
    • Individual or private foundations;
    • Activities that are religious, partisan, fraternal, sectarian, legislative or political in nature;
    • Fund drives, annual appeals, fundraising events;
    • Legal expenses incurred in any action by or against the organization; or
    • Programs/projects/initiatives that unlawfully discriminate based on age, race, national origin, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation.

    Impact 100 East Bay will accept grant applications for programs/initiatives/projects in 5 focus areas:

    Note: Each non-profit, as part of the application process, must indicate at least one grant focus area. This is your choice as we feel you best know your project/program for which you are requesting funding.

    • Education – Programs/projects to improve the educational process or access to education for children and/or adults.
    • Health and Wellness – Programs/projects that strengthen & enhance Alameda or Contra Costa communities with significant economic, educational, social or physical needs.
    • Family – Programs/projects that strengthen and enhance the lives of children and families.
    • Arts and Culture – Programs/projects that cultivate, develop, educate, and improve the cultural climate within Alameda and Contra Costa counties.
    • Environmental, Recreation and Preservation – Programs/projects that preserve, enhance, revitalize or restore facilities and surroundings in Alameda and Contra Costa counties.

    The Letter of Intent is posted HERE​.  Please download the Word Document and email it to Grants@impact100eastbay.org.  

    It will be due to Impact 100 East Bay on Friday, January 31, 2020.

    The Grant Application is a form for Non-Profit applicants who submitted a Letter of Intent by January 31, 2020 and have been invited to move forward in the Impact 100 East Bay grant process. Applicants will be notified by March 2, 2020 regarding their status in the grant cycle.

    If your organization has been selected to move forward with submission of the Grant Application, you will be directed to a form online.

    The Grant Application for 2020 will be posted here by February 21, 2020.
    It will be due March 27, 2020.

    Site visits are very important to Impact 100 East Bay’s process of determining its finalists on behalf of its members. They are our way to gain first-hand insight of the organization, its staff, board, and if possible, some of those who have been helped by the non-profit.

    The goal of the Site Visit in to:

    1. “Make come alive” what has previously been sent on paper from the non-profit;
    2. Clarify any remaining, open questions that may have come up in the Grant Application review; and
    3. Build relationships – – Impact 100 members to the non-profit and the non-profit to Impact 100.

    Each Site Visit will have an Impact 100 East Bay coordinator who will work with the designated contact at the non-profit agency.

    1. Site visits typically last 60-90 minutes.
    2. When appropriate and possible, the site visits will be arranged so members can view the agency programs or meet someone impacted by the programs.
    3. A team of 3-4 Impact 100 East Bay member volunteers will attend.
    4. Requested agency representatives will include the Executive Director, a Board member, the individual in charge of Programs, and if possible, a participant who has been on the receiving end of the services.

    Following the completion of all site visits, participating Impact 100 East Bay members will review the outcomes from the visits and determine which agencies will be finalists. Finalists will be invited to our annual gala where they will make a brief oral presentation to all members who will vote to select the grant recipient for the year.

    In 2020, Site Visits will be conducted between April 30 and May 15. Finalists will be informed no later than June 6, 2020