Site Visits

Site visits are very important to Impact 100 East Bay’s process of determining its finalists on behalf of its members.  They are our way to gain first-hand insight of the organization, its staff, board, and if possible, some of those who have been helped by the non-profit.

The goal of the Site Visit in to:

  1. “Make come alive” what has previously been sent on paper from the non-profit;
  2. Clarify any remaining, open questions that may have come up in the Grant Application review; and
  3. Build relationships – – Impact 100 members to the non-profit and the non-profit to Impact 100.

Each Site Visit will have an Impact 100 East Bay coordinator who will work with the designated contact at the non-profit agency.

  1. Site visits typically last 60-90 minutes.
  2. When appropriate and possible, the site visits will be arranged so members can view the agency programs or meet someone impacted by the programs.
  3. A team of 3-4 Impact 100 East Bay member volunteers will attend.
  4. Requested agency representatives will include the Executive Director, a Board member, the individual in charge of Programs, and if possible, a participant who has been on the receiving end of the services.

Following the completion of all site visits, participating Impact 100 East Bay members will review the outcomes from the visits and determine which agencies will be finalists.  Finalists will be invited to our annual gala where they will make a brief oral presentation to all members who will vote to select the grant recipient for the year.

In 2019, Site Visits will be conducted between July 18 and August 7.  Finalists will be informed no later than August 12.