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    Member Spotlight – Jackie Belser-Welch

    Meet the women of Impact 100 East Bay! We’re connecting our members to each other by highlights their experiences, background, and what drew them to Impact 100 East Bay. If you’re interested in being featured, contact us at membership@impact100eastbay.org

    At this time of great uncertainty, we’ve heard from many members who miss regular social interaction and convening of meetings of our Impact 100 Chapter.

    Our solution is to get to know one another a little better. This month, we’re offering a new series – Impact 100 Membership Spotlight Series. The series highlights women among our membership and what drew them to Impact 100.

    Our first chapter spotlight is Jackie Belser-Welch, whose inspirational story touches us all.

    The Energetic Jackie Belser-Welch

    Jackie Belser-Welch is an extrovert, so it wasn’t a surprise to her friends and family when she decided to pursue a career in sales. Jackie recognized that she could never sit behind a desk eight hours a day.

    It was a pretty big culture shock when General Motors moved Jackie from her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama to Southern California.

    She moved from GM to Xerox, having a 28-year relationship which allowed her to be on the “cusp of evolution of technology and where we are today”. She was proud to learn and grow at a company of such high value, and most recently successfully transferred the marketing, new business development and relationship management skills to her work with non-profits.

    Jackie is fast moving and aptly named her consulting company TIRO – Time Is Running Out. TIRO is all about today — action and goals. Jackie’s talent includes motivating leaders to stop procrastinating or you’ll be “stuck”.

    She joined Impact 100 East Bay after being invited to our first Grant Award Celebration by then-President Nancy Clark. She was hooked and loved seeing the direct impact of Impact 100 East Bay through our immediate financial commitment, mentoring of non-profits we choose, and the difference we make in the community.

    impact 100 Jackie Belser Welch

    The work she does in leadership development, mentoring and volunteering allows her to give back to her community. She serves on the board of Tri-City Health and in recognition of her contribution, they nominated her for the Silicon Valley Business Journal’s Women of Influence. Honorees are leaders in corporations, startups, small businesses, nonprofits, healthcare, education and community services.

    With such an energetic presence, it’s no wonder that Jackie also received the 2018 Community Hero Award. She was nominated by Assemblyman Kansen Chu.

    She also received the Community SHEro Award based on her long-standing years of service in the community of Fremont, serving on the Fremont Development Committee and the Ohlone College Advisory Board and the School PTA Award for “Make a Difference” Day.

    An active Board member for Bay Area Community Health (BACH), formerly Tri-City Health for five plus years, serving as Committee Chair for the Development Group and most recently selected to the Leadership team as Board Secretary .  BACH strives to ensure their services are reaching all segments of the community, offering a vast array of Health Services to underrepresented members of the community. Jackie invites you to celebrate the BACH 50th anniversary virtual gala as her guest on August 15, 2020.

    Jackie was a Girl Scout Troop Leader for over 10 years, and still supports the great work of the organization.  In February 2020, prior to the pandemic, she delivered a professional development workshop at the Scouts Leadership Week-end Conference on the very Important topic of Communication.

    In addition, she has supported Mentoring Monday with the Silicon Valley Business Journal and is a member of the American Businesswomen Association (ABWA).

    During the pandemic, Jackie has her daughter back home from college. This presents a great opportunity to have time together and take pride in their collective skills. Her daughter celebrated her birthday in June and Jackie’s was in July, joining the ranks of others with birthdays in quarantine. She also celebrated her 33rd wedding anniversary during this timeframe. A favorite activity that the family shares is golfing as well as family travel time together.

    Jackie’s energy is truly an inspiration. You can see her in action in this energetic video for Time is Running Out.

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