It’s in our nature to begin a new year with hope. Looking forward, we acknowledge that many of the challenges of 2020 still remain while new ones have arisen.  Nevertheless, Impact100 East Bay is making new efforts to realize 2021’s promise.  


And 2021 is not just any new year.  It is our 5th grant year and the 20th anniversary of the founding of Impact100!  This year, our chapter will add to the $375,000 we have already awarded to worthy non-profit organizations in the East Bay. 


Last November, the Board set a strategic goal to grow membership to 300 within the next five years!  It’s an ambitious goal, but we believe a commitment to growth is an act of faith.  Being dedicated to our shared aspiration is what will prevail over the uncertainties that lie ahead.  Our resolve to chart this course, in partnership with our members and supporters, is clear and firm. Like all great women — we will persist until our goal is achieved!


To learn more, join us for the BIG REVEAL on February 2.  If you haven’t already registered for this virtual event, you’ll find a registration link in this newsletter.  On that evening, we will:

      hear from Candace Andersen, Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors, District 2, who will share with us the most critical social and justice issues facing Alameda and Contra Costa counties,

      share plans and new ideas for 2021 to focus our efforts on desired growth,

      announce Board members, new and continuing, who will lead our chapter following your vote to confirm,

      highlight the volunteer opportunities still open for all members to take part in meeting the challenge, and    

      most importantly, kick off our grant process for this year and announce the number of members, and therefore the amount of money we have to award. 


There is much to do in 2021.  I encourage you to read further in the newsletter to understand how you can lend a hand.  As a philanthropic organization, our impact will grow even greater as we take the first steps toward attaining our five-year membership goal.


Pressing onward in this historical moment, I see continued evidence of our strengths, the resilience of our community, the dedication of our Board, and the determination of our members.  I see a community of women whose generosity, caring and commitment has an impact on the lives of those in need in Alameda and Contra Costa counties.  Our collective giving to local non-profit heroes makes it possible.


In partnership,


Carol Nitz

Board President

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