The Impact100 East Bay Board met on November 7th at our Fall Retreat when we discussed board member succession planning.  Due to unexpected transitions (such as moving, careers taking more time, new jobs),  planned transitions (terms met), and our desire to grow beyond  “start-up” mode, we have a number of open positions beginning in 2021. 

Between now and the Big Reveal meeting on February 2, we will formulate a list of candidates for the open Board positions.  We encourage members to step forward if interested in being added to our slates.  To explore the details of  a Board position, contact us at: by December 7.

Open Positions include (starred positions are priority to fill):

Vice President – Our 2020 VP, Stephanie Shaw will move to one of the open Membership Co-Chair positions, leaving the VP role open.

The VP serves as liaison to support other committees of the Board and takes on leadership of special projects, as needed.  The VP also performs the functions of the President in her absence.  

Assistant Treasurer* – Debbie Vargas will continue as our Treasurer, but will split the 3 unique roles that she has filled for the last 4 years by bringing on someone to begin that transition. The position is often held by a CPA, a banker, a bookkeeper, or someone who works in a financial field. 

The Treasurer/Asst Treasurer is responsible for safeguarding, managing and reporting the finances of the organization.  She ensures proper handling of all transactions and proper adherence to accounting standards.  The Assistant will learn this position, as Debbie’s backup in 2021.

Community Investment Review Chair (CIRC) whose primary responsibility is to provide a financial review of the non-profits selected by the Grant Review Committee as potential semi-finalists for an Impact100 grant.  The Assistant will take over this process, supported by Debbie in 2021.

Membership Co-Chair* – to partner with Co-Chair Stephanie Shaw to lead the Membership Committee.

Membership Co-Chairs are responsible to recruit new members, engage new members, ensure that communication and events are well delivered, and manage membership data.

Marketing and Communications Co-Chairs (2)*– both positions are open due to unexpected transitions.

The Marketing and Communications Co-Chairs lead the Committee that oversee and coordinate internal, external and digital marketing and communications functions, including brand, social media, email and media relations.

Big 3 Events Co-Chair – to partner with Co-Chair Connie Driscoll.

The Big 3 Events Co-Chairs lead a small team that is  responsible for the design and execution of the 3 major events in any given year: The Big Reveal, Meet the Finalists, and the Annual Grant Celebration.  Anyone with general planning, event planning or an experienced hostess would fit right in.

Governance Chair – if we are able to fill this position, the following accountabilities will shift from Debbie Vargas to the woman who assumes this role.

The Governance chair ensures the organization remains in compliance with policies, procedures and by-laws and that the same are well maintained.  This role is often held by an attorney, a paralegal, or accountant.  Impact100 East Bay is a 501 c3 non-profit in the state of California.

New Board members will join the following Board members who will continue in 2021:

President – Carol Nitz

Secretary – Sylvia Inchausti

Treasurer – Debbie Vargas

Membership Co-Chair – Stephanie Shaw

Grant Co-Chair – Denise Coyne

Grant Co-Chair – Jane Durkin

Big 3 Event Chair – Connie Driscoll

Founder & President Emeritus – Nancy Clark

Individual orientation sessions for new members will be conducted in February and early March.  The new Board will meet at our Spring Retreat in early March to ensure that everyone is up and running and working as a team.


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