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    Impact 100 FAQs

    Become a Member & Make an Impact in the Community!

    One woman    $1,000 donation    One Vote = Collective Grant    Impact

    If you live, work, or care about Alameda or Contra Costa Counties and you have a desire to impact your community for the better, now is the time to join!

    Our mission is to unite women in our community to make a significant difference in the lives of those in need.  Our goal is to collectively raise funds to support unmet charity needs in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties and raise awareness for deserving organizations.

    The first chapter began in 2001 in Ohio. Other women began to hear about it and began their own local chapters. It is now a growing movement with more than 50+ independent Impact 100 organizations across the US and Australia.

    The impetus for Impact 100 is multi-fold:
    To make a real Impact in our local community
    To ensure/monitor that our funds are used as intended
    To build awareness of local needs
    To expand philanthropy throughout our community

    It works by collective giving, decision making, and grant making. Each woman donates $1,000 per year (for the years that they participate – no long-term obligation). With 100 women, the IMPACT of $100,000 is significant to a local non-profit. Every penny of your $1,000 donation goes directly to the Alameda or Contra Costa non-profit that is voted that year’s grant recipient. The vote is conducted at the Annual Award Celebration. All members are invited to come (and bring guests) and vote. The votes are tabulated right there and the grant recipient is announced that night.

    When there are less than 100 Members, than the grant will be less than $100,000. When Impact 100 chapters exceed 100 members, the grant exceeds $100,000. When chapters reach multiples of 100, then multiple grants are awarded. One of the largest chapters has 1200 members and awards 12 $100,000 grants.

    If you are interested in:

    • Being part of a dynamic group of like-minded philanthropic women;
    • Learning more about the needs of the East Bay and the nonprofits serving those needs;
    • Helping to change lives, please consider joining Impact100 East Bay; and,
    • Having your charitable giving used as intended and making a bigger impact; then

    Join Us!  

    • JOIN

    Option 1: Impact 100 Member – Write a check for $1,000 (Your grant contribution)

    Option 2: Impact 100 Member Plus – Write a check for $1,100 or more ($1,000 goes directly for grants and $100 or more supports Impact 100 East Bay’s operational costs)


    • VOTE

    Attend the Annual Award Celebration at which time the vetted grant finalists present their initiatives to all members; Members votes and the grant recipient(s) is announced that night.

    • VOLUNTEER (if you have the time and desire)

    It’s your choice how involved you want to be.

    We have a formal membership deadline each year so that we can inform the grant applicants the guaranteed amount.  In that way, the non-profit organizations can plan their grant applications accordingly.  On or around August 1, we then have a “hard” deadline.  Any members joining after the deadline date will be placed in the following year’s membership and grant cycle.  They are welcome to attend any/all events, but they will only be able to vote in the year that their membership funds are applied.  So we encourage everyone to join EARLY to help our grant applicants and to avoid any confusion! 

    Yes! 100% of each $1,000 donation goes to fund the grant each year. Because Impact 100 East Bay is an all-volunteer organization, we rely on Membership Plus gifts ($1,100+) as well as contributions from our Friends and Partners in order to defray our operating expenses.

    Yes! Impact 100 East Bay, Inc. is a California nonprofit organization. As a 501(c) (3) organization, we are recognized as a qualified public charity and contributions are fully tax-deductible under Section 170 of the internal Revenue Code. Impact 100 East Bay, Inc. is also qualified to receive tax deductible bequests.  Our tax ID number is 81-3431763.

    We realize that many members have never given a charitable gift of this size and that a $1,000 donation is not possible in one lump sum. Rest assured – payment plans for Membership Plus are available to help you manage your budget.

    No, each Member is limited to one vote per person per year. However, you or your company can sponsor members directly or through our Scholarship program and those members will each have a vote.

    Please contact us with any questions at info@impact100eastbay.org.

    Impact 100 East Bay is incorporated in the State of California. As a 501(c) (3) organization, we are classified as a public charity and contributions are deductible under section 170 of the internal Revenue Code. Impact 100 East Bay is also qualified to receive tax deductible bequests. Our tax id number (Employer Identification Number) is 81-3431763.

    Impact 100 East Bay is open to all women age 18 or older who live in, or who wish to help, the greater East Bay (Contra Costa and Alameda counties) community and make an annual contribution of $1,000. Each $1,000 donation provides membership for one year.

    Yes. Contributions made by December 31st are tax-deductible for the calendar year in which the donation was made. Impact 100 East Bay is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation, with application pending as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization.

    Members who can contribute beyond the $1,000 fee are encouraged to become a Member Plus by writing a check in excess of $1,000. This helps defray the cost of running the organization’s events, communications, website, insurance and administration.

    Each woman’s participation is dependent upon her personal situation and can change from year to year. If a woman has limited time, she contributes her $1,000 and votes for the grant recipients for that year. If a woman has more time, she can serve on a variety of committees or assist in other ways.

    Membership in Impact 100 East Bay is renewed annually. Our annual grant cycle runs from October 1, through September 30. Women who donate $1,000 between October 1 and no later than April 15, of any year are eligible to vote for final grant recipients and qualify as members for the current grant cycle.

    Impact 100 East Bay uses email communication to stay in touch with its Members; additionally, we plan to regularly update our website and Facebook site. As we gain membership and sponsors we hope to host membership events during the year.

    No. Our founding principle is “one woman, one vote.” Any amount given over $1,000 goes first to offset administrative costs. If we receive more funds than we need to cover administrative costs, our board of directors may decide to add that money to grant funds.

    We ask that every member honor the $1,000 personal pledge. However, we appreciate matching funds from employers and use these funds to offset administrative costs.

    At this time, we can’t accept credit card payments. We hope to add this capability in the future.

    Impact 100 East Bay seeks gifts and sponsor ships from individuals, local businesses, family and private foundations, and in-kind donations specifically for administrative expenses. The members who can become Members Plus also provide significant help.

    You can become a a Friend of Impact 100 East Bay and play a very important role in our organization. All Friend donations are tax deductible. While your donation does not provide you with voting rights, it will help ensure that 100% of each Member’s $1,000 donation goes directly to the grant. Friends can attend social events and the annual Awards Meeting.

    Men are welcome to become Friends of Impact 100 (see above) and many volunteer to help at our activities and events.

    Please contact us with any questions at membership@impact100eastbay.org

    Impact 100 East Bay is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation, with application pending as a 501(c) (3) tax exempt charitable organization. All contributions will be tax-deductible.