Since its inception, Impact100 East Bay has offered a limited number of scholarships to potential members who are interested in joining but are unable to make the financial commitment of $1000. We look for scholarship candidates who’ve expressed a keen interest in the organization, are prepared to assume active roles on committees, and are interested in ongoing membership. Requests for scholarships are submitted to, approved and managed by the Board.

The amount available for scholarships varies from year to year. Funds are sourced from our member’s additional donations and specific sponsor dollars donated via Friends of Impact. For the 2020 membership/2021 grant year, the Board has approved a minimum of $2500 for scholarships.

impact100eastbay membership scholarship

We currently offer two types of scholarships:

  • Member Matching Scholarships offered under the Diana Del Masso Scholarship Fund.
    Using this model, the scholarship recipient contributes $500. Impact100 East Bay matches the balance. In the following year, the scholarship recipient pays the full $1000.
  • Young Philanthropist Scholarship intended for candidates aged 18-39. Under this model, the scholarship recipient contributes $350; $500; $650 over a 3-year period. Impact100 East Bay matches the balance. In the fourth year, the member pays the full $1000.
If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, review the Scholarship Application details available here. Return your completed form by email to and a member of the Board will be in touch with you.

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