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The Grant Award Recipient from 2018, Opportunity Junction, submitted its final report on July 29, 2020.   

Over the course of this grant, Opportunity Junction enrolled a total of 92 youth in core employment programs. Of the youth served, 57 enrolled in short-term training:

  • 21 at Los Medanos College, 
  • 13 into Administrative Careers Training at Opportunity Junction, and 
  • 24 into our Healthcare Career Pathway Certified Nursing Assistant training.

The remaining 34 wanted immediate employment and were provided career counseling and placement assistance. All Road Map participants qualified as low income. Youth who enrolled during the grant period struggled with barriers that impacted their ability to succeed in school or in the workforce:

  • 39% Experienced Trauma
  • 21% have a Disability
  • 90% have Skills Deficiency
  • 5% Justice System Involvement
  • 4% Foster Care System Involvement

In terms of accessing resources and support, during the grant period, Opportunity Junction provided $38,355.32 in direct participant supports to youth clients.   The three highest needs were books and supplies ($13,595), COVID financial assistance ($9,866), and transportation ($8,442).

During the term of this grant, Opportunity Junction staff placed 70 youth in jobs that earned an average wage of $14.33 per hour for an average of 30 hours per week. These placements spanned all Opportunity Junction programs:

  • 8 graduates of the Administrative Careers Training Program, earning an average wage of $16.10 per hour and working an average of 31 hours per week.
  • 17 trainees and graduates from the Healthcare Career Pathways program, earning an average wage of $16.19 per hour and working 35 hours per week.
  • 32 placements made by specialized Road Map youth counselors, earning an average wage of $13.38 per hour and working an average of 28 hours per week. Many of these youth were working part time while in school at Los Medanos College.
  • 13 additional placements of youth seeking immediate employment from our career counselors in Antioch and Bay Point, earning an average of $13.14 per hour and working an average of 28 hours per week.

The Impact100 East Bay Grant had a substantial positive impact both on the young adults served and also on the Opportunity Junction organization and program development. While placing 70 young people into employment, we also learned about their challenges of staying in school while struggling financially. While each of our youth had set a goal for completing a college program and then launching a career, the bandwidth consumed by surviving often interfered with that goal.  As a result, Opportunity Junction made significant programmatic changes in helping find employment, which ultimately changed the overall goals for the Road Map project.  

You can review the entire final report HERE

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