Results Matter – Our Grants Have An Impact

A snapshot of the last two years of grant recipients –From dreams to reality.

Opportunity Junction (our 2018 grant recipient) was recently acknowledged as being among the top 10 Poverty-Fighting Nonprofits in the World!  Opportunity Junction (OJ) helps people build more financially secure futures through education, financial assistance, wrap-around support and job placement. Impact100 East Bay’s grant funded the Roadmap to College Program, which specifically focused on low income, at-risk youth ages 18-24. To implement this program, OJ hired an additional counselor responsible for providing skills guidance and emotional support, while helping young people identify a passion and chart an achievable path. The program also provided $38,355 in direct financial assistance to its participants.  OJ set its goal of enrolling 50-75 young adults each year of the two-year grant period.

The Results:  

  • 92 participating youth enrolled in job training programs.
  • 70 participating youth were placed into full or part-time employment and received an average wage of $14.33 per hour.
  • On average, participating youth worked 30 hours per week.

Unexpected Outcomes:

  • It became clear that most of the participants in the Roadmap to College program were struggling to survive and needed immediate income or a short-term training path to viable employment, especially during the pandemic.
  • Adapting to this expanding reality, OJ has refocused its efforts on training and job placement by offering the following key services aimed at assisting clients in obtaining and keeping sustainable employment.  Those services include 1. Career counseling, 2. College counseling focused on Career Technical Education certificates, and 3. Access to short-term job training. 

CASA (our 2019 grant recipient) recognized that traumatized children in the foster care system need therapy and that the existing service delivery model wasn’t working. Its grant funded project involves recruiting therapists to provide pro-bono teletherapy to one child for an indefinite period solved the issue of months long wait times and the disruption of a trusted relationship with every move to a new foster home.  The goal was to serve 25 youth over 18 months.

The Results:  

  • 60 licensed mental health professionals have expressed interest in serving these foster children.
  • 19 youth have been served with at least one session in the first 10 months.
  • Wait time for therapy services has been eliminated because intake, assessment and treatment are all online.

Unexpected outcomes:

  • The program continued to offer services during the pandemic. 
  • CASA is projecting it will serve about 50 youth in 18 months, which is double the original goal.
  • The program will be expanding to San Francisco & Alameda counties and ultimately statewide.
  • In summary, the project has been a huge success and uses a model that is easily replicated.

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