• Congratulations to Covenant House our 2020 Grant Recipient. Click here for a replay of the Grant Celebration.

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    Volunteer Opportunities

    Impact 100 East Bay Volunteer Opportunities

    Impact 100 East Bay is a 100% volunteer-run organization. If you can spare a few extra hours to help make a bigger impact in our community, check out our current volunteer opportunities:

    Membership Committee

    The membership committee is responsible for all new member outreach, current member engagement, and enrollment. The committee needs 26-31 volunteers in five areas to achieve our strategic goals: Recruit new members and retain current members.

    • Member Ambassadors  (8-10 volunteers):
    • Welcome new members
    • Do periodic check-ins on members
    • Future: send birthday wishes, congratulations on key milestone events when shared
    • Host small events (Zoom or in person) for social, networking, etc.
    • External Outreach  (3-5 volunteers):
    • Work with marketing to develop lists, identify introductory approach and follow up with women’s organizations, corporations interested in learning more about joining Impact 100 East Bay.
    • Identify and develop material to use in recruiting new members and shared at member hosted events. 
    • Community Events: (2-3 volunteers)
    • Help coordinate events, speakers, and write invitations/thank you’s.
    • Plan 3 events (April, August and November) to provide information on top community issues, previous grant recipients project progress, and Holiday wish lists from our finalist non-profit organizations.
    • Member-hosted events  (2 volunteers needed):
    • Volunteers needed to work with members to coordinate the timing of these events, speakers, and provide additional information.
      • These events are smaller, informal groups for both members & guests (via zoom, member’s home or retail store). 
      • Examples of types of events: new member orientation, market expansion, raise awareness.
    • Membership Services:
    • Technology Enablement: (2 volunteers):
        • Assist with member/prospect contact information, website content updates, zoom events
    • Member Experience Writer (1 volunteer)
      • Write new content for grant impacts, member’s experience.
      • Edit member information such as newsletters, welcome letters, invitations, etc.
      • Develop video storyboards of member’s experiences/why they joined.

    Marketing & Communication Committee

    The Marketing & Communication Committee is responsible for all marketing and communication internally to members and externally to East Bay communities and potential members.

    The committee needs 5-7 volunteers to: Create a Buzz about Impact100 East Bay, Tell our Story, Alert the Media to what we are doing, and Engage the Community. Continuing volunteers will manage our Newsletter, write/edit key materials we use and lead media relations.

    • Communications  (3-4 volunteers needed):
    • Social Media:
        • Current: Facebook (~ 1 to 4 posts per month)
        • Future: automatic link from Facebook to Instagram, LinkedIn and NextDoor
    • Emails: (~1 to 3 per month)
      • 3 key events (Big Reveal in February, Meet the Finalists and Grant Award Celebration in September)
      • 3 Membership-hosted events in April, August and November
      • Periodic emails to support chapter activities (Newsletters, membership drive and grant process)
    • Outreach  (2-3 volunteers needed)
    • Identify & organize a calendar of East Bay community outreach to tell our story in partnership with Membership.
    • Do the research and proactively make inquiries to identify opportunities to raise awareness about Impact100 East Bay:
      • Women’s Leadership Forums 
      • Local Corporations and Businesses
      • Local women’s organizations
      • Rotary/Chamber of Commerce
      • Unique or ongoing Community celebrations in the East Bay
    • Targeting areas of the East Bay where we have fewer members (Alameda County and Northern Contra Costa)

    Big 3 Events Committee

    The Big 3 Events committee is responsible for our 3 annual big events: Big Reveal (Feb), Meet the Finalists (Sept), and Grant Celebration (Sept). (3-4 volunteers per event)

    • Develop messaging – design invitations, send out physical/email invitations, reminders for events, agenda outlines for presentations.
    • Event planning – secure location, setup event, design theme, coordinate and physically setup decorations for events, track registrations using tools (zoom/evite), solicit raffle prizes, assign registrants to tables, food menu.
    • Virtual events – develop activities to engage members (polls, breakout rooms), music, raffles.

    Grants Committee

    The grants committee evaluates non-profit grant applications over a 9-month period to select the finalists that the overall membership will vote on. All are welcome to attend any or all of the stages.

    • LOI reviews (March 2021)
    • Evaluating 50 or more Non-Profit Letters of Intent to determine who we invite to submit a full Grant Application.  Review meeting March 20, 2021. 
    • Grant Application Review: (May 2021)
    • Reviewing the 10-15 detailed Grant Applications and collectively deciding which 4-5 Non-profits move on to receiving a Site Visit.  Review meeting May 8, 2021. 
    • Site Visits (May 10 – June 15, 2021)
    • Prepping for and attending the Non-profit Site Visits.  
    • Site leader and team participants are needed. 
    • Narrowing to 3 Grant Finalists that all of our membership votes to determine our Impact Grant award winner.

    For more information or to volunteer send an email to:      info@impact100eastbay.org