Participate and Become a Member

We hope you join/rejoin Impact 100 East Bay – there is no better way to make a difference in the community with confidence that your donation will be used as intended.

The Membership Form (below) describes payment and participation options. You can:

  • Print the form and mail it in with a check to the address indicated;
  • E-mail the form to with your credit card payment information.

Participate and Become a Member

Membership Benefits

Membership Recruiting and Engagement helps formulate strategies for member recruitment, plans and staff’s member events, participates in developing membership surveys, and focuses on retaining and engaging existing Impact 100 East Bay members through social activities such as hikes, dinners, volunteer days and other gatherings. New ideas and members for the committee are always welcome. If you are interested in helping to develop and maintain this vibrant community of women, contact We have specific needs for people that are great networkers, strong in communicating via social media and those that can help shape unique venues and messages targeted to a diverse group of people.

  • Each Member’s donation is matched at least 100-fold by other like-minded women
  • Members choose the recipient of the $100,000 Impact Grant and Community Grants and meet the nonprofit finalists
  • Members meet other women in the community and make new friends
  • Members are invited to participate in the grant application review process
  • Members are invited to membership receptions throughout the year
  • Members have access to the Membership List of Impact 100 East Bay
  • Members are invited to serve on committees
  • Members are offered a monthly payment option for annual membership dues
  • Members may make a multi-year membership pledge

Payment Options

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Impact 100 East Bay or for making a general donation to support the organization.




Members can participate in all of our activities and can vote at the Awards Meeting.

Send a check for $1000 to Impact 100 East Bay, P.O. Box 2889, Castro Valley, CA 94546.
Pay Online (A 3.5% credit card convenience fee will be added)

Member Plus
Maintain all rights of a Member. Provide an extra $100, $200, or more to help defray the modest administrative costs for our all-volunteer organization.

Send a check for $1000+ to the above address.
Pay Online (A 3.5% credit card convenience fee will be added)

Friends provide funds to support Impact 100 East Bay. Despite being a 100% volunteer organization, we still have operating costs of web hosting, insurance, etc. Friends can attend free social and educational events and can purchase ticket(s) to attend the Annual Community Celebration. However, Friends do not have voting rights.

Send a check for any amount under $1,000 to the above address.
Interested in providing event or other non-monetary support, please contact

Pay Online

Join a Committee

Once you become a Member of Impact100 East Bay, you may wish to participate on one of our standing committees:

Grants is responsible for engaging and informing East Bay non-profits about the Impact 100 process; vetting grant proposals throughout the process; determining financial viability (i.e. financial stability and accounting compliance); conducting site visits, and recommending the finalists to be presented for the full membership vote at the annual Grant Awards Meeting. If you are interested in serving on the Grant Committee, contact This committee welcomes all members, but specifically needs those who have a familiarity with accounting or financial statements, analytical individuals who can use criteria and a framework to reach a conclusion, and in particular, those who are interested in engaging with and learning more about the East Bay’s non-profits in need.

Membership, Recruiting, and Engagement is responsible for formulating strategies for member recruitment, event planning, and maintaining a focused effort to retain and engage existing Impact 100 East Bay members. Membership also provides pre- and post-event support, including identification of sites, logistical and budget support, planning strategies and event staging. New ideas and members for the committee are always welcome. If you are interested developing and maintaining a vibrant Impact 100 community, contact We have specific needs for members who are great networkers, strong communicators via social media, and can help shape unique venues and messages targeted to a diverse group of people.

Communications is responsible to establish the overall brand and message of Impact 100 East Bay, convey information to the Impact100 membership and build awareness for the organization and its mission within the community. The committee is also in charge of sharing our grant recipient’s stories and highlighting how their efforts were transformed through the grant. Communication is achieved through press releases, articles, event photography, and updates to our website, LinkedIn and Facebook sites. Ultimately this committee may decide to publish a periodic newsletter. Communications is also responsible for meeting materials and invitations, development of copy, invitations and signage. If you have marketing, PR, social media, videography skills, enjoy writing and/or event photography, contact

Impact 100 East Bay Board Participation – We are currently forming our Board and have specific needs for members that have driven communications or membership strategies, or those with legal or financial expertise. If you are interested in participating in board work, or know of an Impact 100 member who might have interest please contact

As a Member of Impact 100 East Bay, we encourage you join a committee (see descriptions above). For more information please contact: